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Survey reveals the nation's favorite sandwiches, Americans respond

A survey from YouGov, a company focused on gathering accurate data to paint a more actionable portrait of what the world thinks, has apparently discovered what Americans like best between two pieces of bread.

That’s right, the people have spoken, revealing America’s favorite sandwiches.

According to YouGov, the nation’s favorite sandwich is that all-time comfort food staple, the grilled cheese, with a 79 percent likeability rating.

Second place goes to the birds with grilled chicken and turkey sharing the spot with 75 percent likeability.

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As for the different regions of the U.S., there were some disparities in the survey.

Western states like the French dip more than the national average, drawing 57 percent likeability from the region vs. 45 percent nationally.

Northeasterners were somewhat divergent as well, giving more love to the lobster roll and the meatball sub than the rest of the country.

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Some Americans responded on social media to the survey, most of whom had strong feelings about the sandwich game.

One user was displeased that Peanut Butter and Jelly was so far down on the list, coming in at seventh place.

A couple of users were upset how much favor the egg salad sandwich drew over other sandwiches like French dip and Reuben.

Others speculated on the qualifications of certain sandwiches like the grilled chicken sandwich and meatball sub, which were included over other American staples like the burger.

Still, whether or not a burger is a sandwich is perhaps another metaphysical issue well beyond the scope of a sandwich survey.

As for the integrity of the survey, YouGov says it was conducted between July 12 and 15 online and asked a sample of 1,223 people to rate their top sandwich choice.

All respondents were U.S. adults at least 18 years old.