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Missing Baltimore Woman: 2 Years Later Akia Eggleston's Family Still Searching for Clues

Missing Baltimore Woman: 2 Years Later Akia Eggleston's Family Still Searching for Clues (Photo: Family Provided)

BALTIMORE (MYTV) -- Two and a half years since a Baltimore mother, Akia Eggleston went missing her family is still searching for clues.

They're hoping that a new documentary will bring light to what happened to her...

Akia was eight months pregnant when she vanished, last seen at a Baltimore bank on May 3, 2017. When she didn't show up for her baby shower that weekend, her family knew something was wrong.

When her family members went to her home to check on her they found Akia and her belongings, gone.

Family members say, Akia's disappearance was suspicious from the moment they realized she was gone. She hadn't told anyone she was leaving, most of her furniture was still in the house, and there was a noticeable hole in the wall. According to her family, police initially told them because of her age, there wasn't much that could be done if she left on her own free will.

In July of 2017, City Police said they had reason to believe that foul play was involved in Akia's disappearance.

The FBI put her on a list that would alert them if she went to a hospital in labor, they never got a notification.

The agency offered a $25,000 reward for information regarding her whereabouts.

Friends say Akia was excited about becoming a mother again, and would have never left her then two year old daughter willingly. Her daughter is now five years old.

The family hopes that someone will come forward with information,“The hope is someone will be touched. Their heart, their conscience,” said Shawn Wilkinson, Akia's father.

He stopped by BMore Lifestyle to talk about the latest search, the documentary and the help of national organizations like Black and Missing.

If you have any information about Akia Eggleston you can submit tips anonymously by calling the FBI (410) 265-8080, Baltimore City Homicide Detectives (410) 396-2100, or Metro Crime Stoppers I-877-LOCKUP.

You can also submit a tip anonymously online through Black and Missing, to do so, Click Here.