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GBMC: Doctors Say It's Safe to Receive In-Person Care if You Need It

One result from the COVID-19 pandemic that’s concerning for GBMC physicians are patients avoiding healthcare for their chronic illnesses or emergencies due to fear. GBMC doctors acknowledge that it is normal to feel some fear, and to be cautious as our state begins to open again, but want to remind the public that the COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped health issues from progressing. Ignoring your health and delaying care because of COVID-19 has the potential to be very dangerous. GBMC physicians want to remind those with chronic and underlying health conditions to visit or speak with their healthcare provider about specific precautions to take based on their current health.

Harold J. Tucker, MD, GBMC’s Chief Medical Officer and President of GBMC Health Partners, has an important message for those with chronic and underlying health conditions. Take a look.