Signs of winter: 196 degrees below zero in the Puget Sound region?!?

A Walgreen's sign in Oak Harbor, Washington reports it's a somewhat chilly -196 degrees on Jan. 2, 2018. (Photo: Ernie Branigh)

SEATTLE (KOMO) -- Washington state has had a bit of chilly weather of late, but certainly, it can't hold a candle to the near and subzero temperatures back East.

Or can it?

Two separate Walgreen's signs around the Puget Sound region seemed to think our cold weather could put the East Coast Deep Freeze on ice, noting the current temperature as -196 degrees Tuesday. One was in Puyallup, and the other was in Oak Harbor.

It's not quite the temperature where you get liquid nitrogen (-321 F), but it would freeze carbon dioxide at -110F, literally taking some of your breath away.

It would also probably flash freeze Puget Sound and Lake Washington which I guess if you want a silver lining, would make it much easier to dodge the 520 Tolls and not have to drive to I-90 to get to the Eastside. Ferry commuters would save a ton being able to just drive in! (Yes, ignoring the fact that no vehicles would likely function in that environment).

Just if you try, don't open the window...or doors. Frostbite would hit pretty quick at -196. After that? Well, a quick search of the internet asking "what's the coldest temperature a person could survive?" found a handy chart...that only goes down to -100.

Social Media did have a bit of fun with the photos:

Good news for Puget Sounders though, the temperatures are expected to soar some 250 degrees for Wednesday, reaching the mid 40s.