WATCH: Man charged with drunk driving gets hit by own car while fleeing Fairfax Co. police

Man charged with drunk driving got hit by his own car while fleeing police, officials say. (Courtesy of Fairfax County Police)

A police dash cam video out of Fairfax County is getting a lot of attention — it shows a Northern Virginia man who manages to get hit by his own car while fleeing from police.

Fairfax County Police say just after 1 a.m. Saturday, an officer saw an “apparent equipment violation” on 30-year-old Isaac Bonsu’s car.

Police say the officer turned on his lights and siren to try to pull Bonsu over, but he kept going.

The chase started near the intersection of Route 1 and Arlington Drive in the Hybla Valley area of Fairfax County. Police say the car turned on Belvoir Drive and then into a Starbucks parking lot, eventually turning right on Arlington Drive and heading into the Mt. Vernon Square apartment complex.

A half mile later Bonsu came to a dead end. He bailed out of the car and then ran in front of it to try to get away. There was one big problem with that — his car was still moving, and it hit him and knocked him down.

Bonsu can actually be seen in the video getting up and trying to keep running away.

The officer who’d chased him got out of his squad car and then caught up and arrested Bonsu soon afterward.

Bonsu is now facing seven charges in Fairfax County, including one felony for this being his third DWI offense.

His other charges include hit-and-run, disregarding an officer’s signal to stop, driving while revoked – DWI related, driving with an open container, possession of marijuana and illegal window tint.

Bonsu was also wanted on three charges out of Prince William County — felony hit-and-run, misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving on a revoked license.

A police spokesperson there says Bonsu will eventually be assigned a court date in that county as well. In Fairfax County, his arraignment is scheduled for Thursday.

Court records indicate Bonsu is out on bail. ABC7 News was unable to find him Tuesday to get his side of the story.

Police say he lives in Alexandria, but court records give his town as Woodbridge.