Barbie unveils new dolls ahead of International Women's Day

new barbie dolls.PNG
Mattel is introducing a new round of Barbie's apart of their Shero collection just ahead of International Women's Day. (Courtesy: CNN){ }

Mattel is introducing a new batch of Barbie Dolls based on real-life figures, just ahead of International Women's Day, according to CNN.

The dolls are coming out in separate series.

Inspiring women, based on historical figures, and new additions to its "Shero" collection named for inspirational contemporary women.

The three dolls are Aviator Amelia Earhart, Artist Frida Kahlo, and Mathematician Katherine Johnson with more dolls to be released.

Mattel is releasing 14 new "Shero" dolls, in the series, it started back in 2015.

There are dolls based on "Wonder Women's" director Patty Jenkins and U.S. Snowboarder Chole Kim and other fashion designers, journalist, actresses, and entrepreneurs.

These dolls come after "Barbie's" parent company, "Mattel" conducted a survey of eight-thousand mothers around the world, and found that 86-percent are worried about the kinds of role models their daughters are exposed to.

"Barbie" released a statement, saying it's quote "Thrilled to shine a light on real-life role models to remind girls that they can be anything."

The 14 "Shero" dolls are not available for sale just yet...but the three from the "Inspiring women" are currently available for pre-order.