Stratosphere Trampoline Park


Stratosphere Trampoline Park is redefining the way people think about trampolines. After just one visit, you’ll no longer be thinking about the round trampolines you see in everyone’s backyard. Stratosphere is packed wall to wall with trampolines providing endless activities for small children, teenagers, and adults alike! At the trampoline park, you can enjoy:

The Main Arena

Thousands of square feet with wall to wall trampolines to jump, bounce, flip, and twist your way around!

Dodgeball Arena

With trampolines, you can take the game of Dodgeball to the next level. Join leagues or just play for fun!

Bag Jump

Practice flips, tricks and more on our bag jump platform that provides a soft and safe landing!

Ninja Warrior Course

Are you a true ninja? Test your strength, speed and stamina on our Ninja Warrior Course!


We have a variety of games from claw machines, basketball, racing and much more. Great place to take a break from all the jumping!

Bounce Boards

Practice snowboarding tricks on a trampoline! This workout is designed to improve flexibility and muscle conditioning to prepare you for proper rotation and landings on the slopes. Plus, it’s loads of fun!

Book Parties

We host birthday parties, family outings, corporate events and much more. Take advantage of our party rooms and that provide you a place to celebrate!